Dental Implants Complete Smiles and Make Them Beautiful

Dental Implants offer individuals the opportunity to greatly improve their smiles. Not only do implants complete the smile and make it more beautiful, they also help with chewing a wide array of foods. Knowing what to expect from dental implants allows individuals to be prepared and will help them to make a decision on whether or not this procedure will benefit them.

What Are Dental Implants?

Many people have heard of implants but are not quite sure what they are. Implants are a permanent dental device that is used to replace missing teeth, no matter where in the mouth. Once in place, individuals will not be able to tell a difference from their dental implant teeth and their natural teeth.

A dental implant is made up of three parts and these parts are vital for the operation of the entire unit. The first part of the implant is the most important part because it bears the full brunt of pressure during chewing. The titanium base is put in place to act as the natural tooth root would. It must be secure so the implant tooth will be able to stay in place and perform naturally.

When a patient is interested in receiving an implant, they need to seek more information on Primary Dental Care Dental Implants Garden Grove. The more a person knows about implants, the better equipped they will be to be able to make a sound decision for their smile.

Steps Involved in Getting Implants

Those who are interested in Dental Implants Primary Dental Care Garden Grove need to know the steps involved in the process which includes:

The titanium implant base is put in place into the gum socket so it can begin to bond with the bone tissue. The bonding process is not fully complete for a few months.

Once the patient has healed and bonding has begun, the gum tissue will be opened so the abutment can be installed on top of the implant base.

On top of the abutment is installed the prosthetic tooth which is the only portion of the implant that is visible above the gumline.

Call Today to Get Started

If you are interested in seeking implants, it is important you schedule a consultation. With Dental Implants Primary Dental Care Garden Grove, you can finally have the complete and beautiful smile you have been longing for. Call today so your appointment can be scheduled.


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